Eye Exams

Most patients come to our Reno office because they are in need of new contacts or eyeglasses.

But there are so many other important reasons to get an eye exam, such as:


  • Checking the eye for diseases, such as glaucoma and macular degeneration

  • The eye can reveal much information about the general health of the body, often revealing the first signs of diabeties, high blood pressure, etc.

  • Uncorrected and under-corrected prescriptions can lead to headaches, eye fatigue, eye twitching, and eye pain. These issues may be easily corrected with the proper eyewear.

Dr. Cochrane prides himself on offering extremely accurate and comprehensive eye exams to every patient that comes through his doors. In fact, at Cochrane Family Eyecare, we will do whatever it takes to deliver to you the absolute best prescription we can design to meet all of your visual and lifestyle needs.

All of our eye examinations include the following:

  • We respect your time! Most appointments start right at your scheduled time, assuming that you arrive on schedule with your paperwork completed!

  • A high definition retinal photograph (this method of viewing the back of the eye generally makes it unnecessary to dilate your eyes). Unlike many offices, we do not charge extra for our standard retinal photograps. Retinal photographs are saved and changes can easily be tracked over time.

  • Visual Acuity Testing

  • A state-of-the-art reading with our Topcon Auto-Refractor / Auto-Keratometer. This gives us an objective baseline reading of what your true prescription is without the stress of picking the wrong answer when the doctor asks you "Better image one or image two?" It also gives us accurate information about the curvature of the surface of your eye, allowing us to give you the best fitting contact lenses possible for your individual eyes. And, when coupled with our Topcon Autophoropter, determining your prescription has never been easier or more accurate!

  • A thorough and comprehensive refraction. Dr. Cochrane has been performing refractions since 1985, and has a proven track record of writing accurate prescriptions that take into account all your particular work, hobby, and lifestyle needs.  Also because he is a former optician, he understands how your frame and lens selections will effect your total visual experience.

  • A glaucoma screening utilizing our newest piece of optical technology, the iCare Tonometer. This device allows us to get accurate readings of the pressure in your eyes without having to use an annoying "puff of air" test or eye drops that may be uncomfortable for you.

  • As part of our comprehensive examination, Dr Cochrane also uses a biomicroscope (slit-lamp) to check for your corneal health and to look for any signs of cataracts.

  • The opportunity to upgrade your eye examination to include the Optomap retinal photography instead of our standard retinal photo. This upgrade allows us to have a dramatically improved view of the retina. Because the latest research has shown that many conditions may occur in the periphery of the retina, and these conditions need to be detected as early as possible to allow us to have the best chances of maintaining your clearest vision, we recommend this upgrade to every patient as part of their annual wellness eye examination. You can learn all about this amazing retinal camera here.


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