Glasses FAQ

Help! What kind of glasses would look good on me?

We understand that it can be very difficult to find the perfect pair of eyeglass frames. That's why each and every one of our opticians is able to assist you during the selection process. We can give you our opinions and can even help you take a picture with your phone to text to your friend or fashion consultant.

What brands of frames do you carry?

We carry frames from over 40 designers, including Ray Ban, Oakley, Versace, Juicy Couture, Jimmy Choo, Coach, Nautica, Izod, and many more. You can check out the complete list of designers by clicking here.

Do you offer "Feather-weight" lenses?

Cochrane Family Eyecare offers a wide variety of lens options. The "Feather-weight" lens offered by some eyewear retailers refers to a standard polycarbonate lens, which we carry, but we also have many other thin. lightweight options for our patients, including trivex and two types of high-index lenses.

Can I get my lenses with that Crizal coating that I've seen advertised on TV?

Of course! We can order a variety of anti-reflective / "no-glare" coatings, including the Crizal brand. This coating is excellent for use with computers and driving at night. It allows the wearer to feel less like they are looking through a window to see the world and instead offers the experience of natural, unaided vision.

Do you have glasses that are better for computers?

Yes! We carry blue-light filtering lenses that are ideal for heavy technology users. Our almost constant exposure to blue light (which is emitted by computer monitors, smart phones, and televisions) is not healthy for the retina, and may even contribute to age-related macular degeneration. Too much blue light can even disrupt your sleep patterns (hello, playing on your phone or tablet in bed!). Protecting your eyes with these blue-light filtering lenses is simple and effective.

I'm thinking about getting Transitions lenses on my next pair. What frames can they go in, and how well do they work?

Transitions lenses can be a great option for many people. It can be extremely convenient to have your lenses lighten and darken depending on if you are inside or outside, and can save you from having to remember to carry your prescription sunglasses around. They can be put into any frame that you want, and are an especially nice option for children.

The only downside to Transitions is that they do not get very dark inside a car. They react to UV rays, and your windshield generally blocks these rays out.

Does your optical accept prescriptions from another optometrist?

Yes. As long as your prescription is still current (not expired), we can use it. If there is no expiration date written on the prescription, it most likely expires after one year. If you are uncertain, we can call your optometrist and check.