Glasses for Kids

Signs and Symptoms of Needing Glasses, and FAQ About Glasses and Contacts for Children

Does My Child Need Glasses?

It can be hard to tell if your child needs to wear eyeglasses. Sometimes they hide their poor vision very well, or sometimes they have a friend at school who gets new glasses and they decide that they, too, need glasses (even though their vision is perfectly fine!). How can you tell what is going on? 

We are happy to examine your child's eyes (and most insurance plans cover pediatric vision care), but, until then, here are some signs and symptoms that your child may indeed, need eyeglasses. 

Signs Your Child May Need Their Eyes Examined

  1. One eye turning, drifting or aiming in a different direction than the other eye. Crossed eye(s). Wandering eye(s).
  2. Frequent squinting or closing of one eye.
  3. Poor visual/motor skills (including "hand-eye coordination").
  4. Problems moving in space, frequently bumping into things or dropping things.
  5. Difficulties catching and/or throwing airborne objects.
  6. Repeatedly confusing left and right directions.
  7. Appearing to favor the use of one eye.
  8. Turning or tilting head in order to use one eye.
  9. Posture problems, head frequently tilted to one side, or one shoulder obviously higher.
  10. Becoming quickly fatigued while reading.
  11. Rubbing eyes frequently.
  12. Frequently losing one´s place when reading or copying from the board or paper.
  13. Frequently skipping words and/or having to re-read.
  14. Repeatedly omitting small words.
  15. Vision becoming blurry, especially while reading.
  16. Needing to use a finger to read.
  17. Holding the book or object unusually close.
  18. Moving the head back and forth (instead of moving eyes).
  19. Struggling with handwriting.
  20. Headaches in forehead or temples.
  21. Nausea or dizziness.
  22. Motion sickness.
  23. Double vision.


How old does my child have to be to receive an eye examination from Dr. Cochrane?

Dr. Cochrane sees patients ages 3 and up.

What if my child doesn't know their letters yet?

Even if your child isn't old enough to know their alphabet, Dr. Cochrane has an autorefractor that will automatically check your child's prescription and even has special versions of the standard letter chart that are perfect for your little one.

How old does my child have to be to start wearing contact lenses?

Dr. Cochrane generally leaves this decision up to the parents. The most important factor is the level of responsibilty demonstrated by the child. There is a certain amount of "care and feeding" that goes along with wearing contacts, and if worn or handled improperly, contacts can contribute to eye infections and vision damage.

If the parent feels that their child is able to handle the responsibilities associated with contact lenses, then Dr. Cochrane is generally more than happy to fit the child with lenses and give them a comprehensive contact lens lesson.