Our office is open from 9:00AM - 5:30PM.

We have appointments available on Mondays - Saturdays. The days our office is open vary slightly week to week. Approximately three weeks per month, we are open from Monday to Friday, but one week per month, we are open from Tuesday - Saturday. 

Please consult the chart below for our Closed Mondays / Open Saturdays schedule:

2017 Schedule:

Monday Closed          Saturday Open 
          October 9th          October 14th         
November 13th          November 18th
December 11th          December 16th

2018 Schedule:

Monday Closed    Saturday Open
Office Closed for New Years, January 1st                     
January 8th    January 13th
February 19th    February 24th
March 12th    March 17th
April 16th     April 21nd  
May 14    May 19
May 28th    June 2  
July 4th    ----         
July 16th    July 21st
August 13    August 18
September 3rd    September 8th
October 8th    October 13th
November 12th   November 17th
Office closed for Thanksgiving, November 22-23
Office closed for Christmas, December 24-25
                                  December 29th