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We carry sunglasses from many of your favorite designers, including Oakley, Ray Ban, Coach, Juicy Couture, Jimmy Choo, Izod, Flexon, WileyX, and more!


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We have frames that are perfect for many of your favorite sports and activities.

For example, those who love riding bikes and motorcycles love our Liberty Sport and WIley X frames with the removable eye cups for wind protection. Runners and boating enthusiasts love the lightweight wrap-around sun protection of Oakley frames. And many golfers who need a little extra room for a small bifocal to check their scorecard appreciate the extra depth that a traditional RayBan aviator frame provides. 

We also carry Rec-Spec frames that are designed specifically for kids who play sports. 

Tint vs. Polarized Sunglass Lenses:
What's The Difference?

We are frequently asked by our customers, "What's the difference between tinted lenses and polarized lenses?"

The biggest difference is that polarized lenses have a built-in filter that blocks out reflected light that causes glare and eye strain. A tinted lens is just a clear lens that has been dyed a darker color. Most people find that polarized lenses feel "darker" than tinted lenses, even if they contain the same percentage of color, because they block out the glare from reflective surfaces (such as water, snow, car hoods and windshields, road glare, and more).

People who participate in a lot of outdoor activities, including boating, hiking, even driving, appreciate that comfort that polarized lenses provide. They allow the most crisp vision possible outside.

Certain individuals, such as pilots and people with certain sensitivities to polarization, cannot wear a polarized lens.

If you like a gradient look (darker at the top to lighter at the bottom of the lens), then tint is your way to go. We can even tint lenses that have a gradient from one color (say, blue) to a completely different color (like pink). This can make for some really fun sunglass looks. In fact, tinted lenses can be crafted in just about any color you imagine. And, while we can't guarantee an exact match, we will do our absolute best for you!

Be aware that, while there is far more flexibility in tint color availability, they can fade a bit over time, just like your favorite shirt fades with continuous washing and sun exposure. Some tint colors even shift in tonality as they age, especially lenses that have been dyed very dark (for example, a very dark grey tinted lens will gradually take on a reddish hue as it ages). 

Our experienced opticians will help you make the best choices for your lifestyle- and your budget!

I have an old pair of clear glasses. Can I get them tinted so they will be sunglasses?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. There are a lot of factors that make this a process that we don't recommend. First of all, if the lenses are scratched at all, the scratches have a strong possibility of tinting darker than the rest of the lens. Also, because tinting lenses is a rather heat-intense process, there is a small chance that your lens could actually crack from the heat if there were any flaws or small cracks in the lens from age. 

We can, however, inspect your old frames, and, assuming that they are in good condition, we are happy to put a new pair of sunglass lenses into them.