What is Keratoconus?

Keratoconus is a degenerative condition of the eye that causes the cornea (the front part of the eye) to thin and become more pointed, or conical, in shape. It is thought to involve a deficiency in collagen (which composes most of the cornea).

It is usually first detected in teenagers, and generally progresses to its worst stages in the patients 20's and 30's.

It is accompanied by random eye pain, severe dryness, photosensitivity (light sensitivity), and lack of depth perception.

Someone with keratoconus may not be able to achieve 20/20 ("perfect") vision with glasses alone, but they may be able to achieve good vision with the use of "hard"/RGP contact lenses.

How is Keratoconus treated?

There is no cure for keratoconus. Vision for patients with mild to moderate cases of keratoconus can be treated with the use of prescription eyeglasses. In other cases, "hard" RGP lenses may give the best vision. For patients with extreme cases, a corneal transplant may be necessary.

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